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Bruh I ain’t even a Phillies fan and this video is straight 🔥

Never has the term “hype video” been more accurate than when the Phillies approached us to help create one for the 2020 Return of Baseball. Beyond an extremely compressed and high-stakes schedule, ticket sales weren’t even an option. So getting people hyped was truly our #1 goal. To do that, we looked to the one person who managed to rally Phillies fans like no other. In his iconic 2007 interview, beloved former Phillies shortstop Jimmy Rollins manifested greatness in 13 words: “I think we are the team to beat in the NL East — finally.”

It was crazy at the time, and then, it kinda came true, with a World Series win only a year later. We could all certainly use that reckless optimism now. And so, 13 years later, we channeled it into a new prediction.

We worked with Jimmy over Zoom as he recorded from a studio in L.A., proving to be a pro in more ways than one. (Such a nice guy, too!) His classic J-Roll swagger could be felt from nearly 2,700 miles away.

Despite the limitations on new footage they were able to shoot, our partners at the Phillies did an awesome job bringing our concept and script to life in the edit.


The video was viewed more than 818.5K times across the Phillies social channels and website, earning more than 106K total likes, comments, and shares. We lost count of how many people threatened to run through walls and/or experienced face-melting.


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Strategy: Maggie Insogna
Creative Direction & Copywriting: Rachael Silverbauer, Brendan Quinn, Jim Walls
Production: The Philadelphia Phillies