SHAR Music

“We are a leader in music
accessories accessibility.”

SHAR Music’s humble origins date back to 1962 as a small, family-run, mail-order operation supplying professional string musicians with high-quality, affordable strings. Having grown to be the leading supplier of bowed string instruments and accessories in North America, the SHAR brand never really had a chance to catch up. And because awareness was lacking, new musicians were going with what they know: one-size-fits-all retailers like Amazon who don’t provide the same level of personalization and expertise.

Inspired by conversations with the SHAR team—a family of musicians eager to share their love of music with others—T&C crafted a brand system that more accurately reflects what SHAR has to offer (not just in product, but in passion). We celebrated their bold roots while positioning them to lead the way for the next generation of classical musicians, building out a look and feel that could refresh everything from their logo to their website to their Ann Arbor showroom and beyond.

“If you can pick up a bow, you’re a musician.”

The new brand was made to be cohesive yet flexible enough to position SHAR as the place for every type of audience they serve: the beginners, their parents, teachers, and the loyal customers.


With thorough messaging and design guidelines in hand for the launch of the rebrand, our partners at SHAR felt a renewed sense of confidence that the same level of love and attention they put into every repair or instrument recommendation will come through in their communications.


Creative Director: Brendan Quinn
Account / Strategy: Kierstin Way & Corey Levin
Writers: Rachael Silverbauer & Ashley Stinnett
Designer: Nick Vicente
Logo Animation: Allie Osipov