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Colby College - Dare Northward brand update

Our history with Colby predates the founding of T&C, as members of our team were key to creating and building Colby’s incredibly successful Dare Northward capital campaign, which publicly launched in 2017. The campaign was strategically and creatively designed to support the most ambitious fundraising initiative in Colby’s history. Four years into the campaign, the messaging, tone, and strategy had been so successful that Colby turned to T&C to help push the campaign past its already audacious $750 million goal and evolve the Dare Northward brand to simultaneously acknowledge the generosity of donors, while continuing to climb to even greater heights.

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Colby College - Davis Institute Microsite

With the clock ticking toward a key Board of Trustees meeting and leadership team eager to reclaim the magic of the initial Dare Northward work, T&C set out on a comprehensive yet focused discovery to uncover the story of an institution that had gone from a challenger to a leader in their space. The brand update built upon the elements of the rugged, independent spirit of Dare Northward but amplified the boldness and ambition. The storytelling brought the successes of the campaign to life while conveying to donors that there was still a climb ahead of them. Our work had to quickly go from conceptual to real, as the newly updated brand led the public announcement of the Davis Institute for Artificial Intelligence, a new center for artificial intelligence and machine learning that exemplified the forward-thinking initiatives that Dare Northward was creating.

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Colby College - Dare Northward Brand Video

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Tulane University - Campaign Website Example

Audacity doesn’t stop here. The most ambitious campaign in Tulane’s history has surpassed its $1.3 billion goal, and while we’re eager to celebrate, (this is New Orleans after all), we know there’s more to do. Building on our momentum, we’ve set our sights on a more daring goal — $1.5 billion. This is our moment to fund more student scholarships. Further support groundbreaking research. Recruit even more world-class faculty. And transform the student experience for generations by reimagining the living and learning experience.

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Bryn Athyn College - Student Experience Microsite

If you step onto Bryn Athyn’s campus, you’ll be warmly greeted by nearly everyone you pass. And they’ll typically strike up a conversation and not simply ask how you are—they’ll genuinely be interested in how you’re doing. That welcoming nature became the basis for our work. The positioning statement of “Connect More Deeply” conveys how students are encouraged to look at life, relationships, studies, spirituality, and more from different angles and with a greater purpose in mind. We took the fundamental tenets of the New Church—faith, intellectual exploration, and inclusiveness—and put it through a lens that would be appealing to today’s student. The resulting creative work shows how every idea and interaction at Bryn Athyn goes beneath the surface to help students realize their full potential.

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