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September 2023

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September 2022

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September 2021

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September 2020

Truth & Consequences team year 1

September 2019


Before we launched in 2019, we knew success wouldn't really be meaningful if we hoarded everything for ourselves. So we pledged, at first, to give away 20% of our shares in the agency. Eventually, it'll be 30%. And some day, 100%.


Each employee is considered for partnership after a year. It’s not just a superficial title—“partner” means you own equity, you share in the profits, and you vote on who we take on as clients and your future colleagues. Together, we all own the agency.

That commitment to one another has allowed us to attract a top notch team, and it’s one of the reasons why we’ve enjoyed 0% turnover every year since our founding.

Experience attracts great clients, and those clients get a team on their business that is often more consistent than even their own.



Analysis Sans Paralysis

Research shouldn’t take more time than it does to birth a child. We set out to efficiently understand who you are and how you are perceived. Qualitative and Quantitative, IDIs and surveys, Competitive Audits and NPS Benchmarking, we identify, deploy, and synthesize research to inform how to best position and market your brand.


All Killer. No Filler.

Ever see a strategy deck and get to slide 126 and wonder what the heck you just read? Our strategy takes the insights we've gleaned through research and makes them understandable and actionable. We clearly define what motivates your audiences, establish success criteria, identify differentiators, and create brand positioning you can actually understand and use for years to come.


Authenticity is Evergreen

Every interaction with a brand informs your perception of it. From campaigns to content, digital experiences to package design, identity development to print design—we authentically bring your brand to life across all touchpoints. And when the entire brand needs a refresh—well, we get giddy.

Content Creation - T&C Studios

Made Here, & Elsewhere

Looking for a year's worth of social content? Ongoing photo assets? Someone to manage every detail of your big launch spot down to who has a peanut allergy on set? Truth & Consequences Studios (T&CS) sources the best talent for your production needs and offers in-house production capabilities for any content need.


Measure Twice, Cut Once... Actually, Keep Measuring.

The “how” is just as important as the “what.” We'll work with you to define your objectives, develop marketing strategies to achieve them, and then shape the appropriate mix of tactics across channels. Implementation doesn't end once your YouTube Pre-roll airs or your website goes live. We monitor, measure, and optimize to ensure our work actually works.


Out of your depth? We were there once too.

Sometimes, you just need another set of ears. The founding partners of T&C have all worked in-house and have seen it all. We’ve been CMOs, Marketing Directors, and even faculty members managing teams that are larger than many agencies. We understand the challenges you face from a new boss to a lack of resources and bring a depth of experience and objectiveness to the most sensitive situations. Why go at it alone when you can have a partner by your side?

Want to learn more about what’s it like to work here? Have a look at our employee handbook.