Bryn Athyn College

Some people live five minutes away and don’t know that there’s a college here.

Bryn Athyn College is one of the smallest schools in the country—and one of the most misunderstood. The college is closely affiliated with the New Church, a small branch of Christianity that is also a key part of the entire Bryn Athyn, Pennsylvania community. The close-knit nature of the community has been a blessing and a pitfall, as Bryn Athyn had never told its story and effectively reached out to students outside the faith. They came to T&C to help make their story  appealing for a wider audience with the goal of increasing admissions numbers. This was no time for an off-the-shelf solution.

To make this gem less hidden, we created and developed a robust experiential microsite that gave a sense of place, community, and purpose for prospective students. Visit here.


How are you doing?’ actually
means something here.

If you step onto Bryn Athyn’s campus, you’ll be warmly greeted by nearly everyone you pass. And they won’t simply ask how you are—they’ll be genuinely interested in how you’re doing. That welcoming nature became the basis for our positioning statement of “Connect More Deeply,” which conveys how students are encouraged to look at life, relationships, studies, spirituality, and more from different angles and with greater purpose in mind. We took the fundamental tenets of the New Church—faith, intellectual exploration, and inclusiveness—and put it through a lens that would be appealing to today’s student.

Social campaigns

Yield Piece emphasizing the value of a Bryn Athyn education.


The brand was launched through an entirely revamped communications flow and student outreach campaign. Digital targeting, enhanced social content, and high-impact print pieces brought the Bryn Athyn story to more students than ever before.

Photography aimed to bring the Bryn Athyn experience to life. We didn’t want to just capture groups of smiling faces but show the beauty of campus in ways both small and big. Additionally, we art directed composed overhead photography of objects to portray the well-roundedness of Bryn Athyn students. And, since Bryn Athyn is a place that crafts character and purpose in their students, we portrayed them as a confident individuals ready to take on the world. All photographs were taken by Bryn Athyn’s in-house team with art direction from T&C.

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Digital Advertising

We’ve boosted the faculty’s confidence in what we’re doing significantly.

“The thanks and praises are pouring in already. It’s exciting to show these folks the really special work you’re all doing. And I loved the question, ‘Are we just catching up or will we have the edge?’ Clearly with you, it’s the latter!”

William Larrousse, Vice President for Enrollment Management, Bryn Athyn College

Acceptance Packet

Social campaigns


During the first admissions cycle that the brand was in market Bryn Athyn saw a 200% increase in inquiries. Applications increased by 38%. Deposits increased by 15%, and are currently at a five-year high.