Loyola University

What if we make the students the star?

Loyola University in Maryland has a perfectly manicured campus, an incredibly welcoming community, and a friendly student body that could make some people think that their students don’t gain the grit and tenacity to achieve for life. But research showed that their students felt more confident and prepared for post-college life than peers at similar institutions—and THEY had the outcomes to back it up. This led to the creation of the Loyola Ready brand, which was a flexible platform for all types of interesting ideas. One of the key pieces to launch the brand was a video featuring real Loyola students reading and reacting to actual tweets people had posted about how “soft” and “entitled” college students were. The video was used in different forms as a digital and social campaign.

Part of success is the failure that gets you there.

A brave client like Loyola was willing to embrace the idea that failure happens at Loyola—and that’s ultimately what makes their students ready. Showing the trial and error of education was the premise of a separate anthem video that also debuted during the brand launch.

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The brand launch was lauded internally and externally, with even typically fickle students adopting the “Loyola Ready” mantra. Between the anthem video, the Mean Tweets videos, and their various social media cutdowns, the campaign garnered more than 725,000 views across platforms.

Behind the scenes

We partnered with Loyola and Neighborhood Film Company to cast and get the most out of our student stars.

Setting up in front of Loyola's iconic Knott Humanities Center.

One of our student stars about to read some mean tweets.


Creative Direction & Copywriting: Dan Shepelavy & Brendan Quinn
Production: Neighborhood Film Company