Fantasy sports are our league’s new reality.

When the National Basketball Association asks you to help launch their new online fantasy sports platform, NBA Pick ‘Em, you take that call. Pick ‘Em was the league’s answer to the exploding industries of fantasy sports and online betting, allowing viewers to pick scores, select teams, and challenge friends in different games. Oh, and win up to one million dollars.

Courtesy of Keeper Content

Courtesy of Keeper Content

So this needs to be ready for a LeBron game.

The assignment itself was as complicated as Phil Jackson’s triangle offense. We had to explain the different games themselves, generate excitement, and drive viewership of games on TV–without using the likeness or image of any player or team in the league…and be ready for purchased airtime on nationally televised games on TNT, TBS, and ESPN that was only a few weeks away.

Partnering with Keeper Content, we were able to convey the excitement of the game within the game and drive people online to simply “Pick. Watch. Win.”


The initial spot debuted on nationally televised games, which generated 1.2 million views per airing, pushing the impressions to nearly 50 million by the time its first run ended.


Creative Direction: Brendan Quinn
Copywriting: Brendan Quinn
Animation: Keeper Content