Philadelphia Phillies

“Because baseball.”

Why does the mere sight of fresh cut grass conjure vivid memories? Why does a hot dog at the ballpark taste better than a steak at the Ritz? Why can a team making an improbable run at the World Series unite an entire region? Because baseball. It can be a magical game, and in 2022 we helped the Phillies craft the narrative for an unforgettable season.

2022 began with a labor dispute and a 99-day long player lockout, meaning the season was in jeopardy and baseball stories fell off a cliff. The team came to us with a simple ask: “how can we get people thinking about baseball?” Our “Because Baseball” campaign took the sensory aspects of the game—fresh cut grass, a dirt-filled uniform, the Phillie Phanatic’s fur—and simply presented them as a reminder that baseball was coming.


The campaign resonated with fans and exploded online, garnering publicity and recognition from social media and industry pubs alike.

In Season Campaign

For the third consecutive season, T&C developed the Phillies opening day hype video, voiced by reigning MVP Bryce Harper, which breathed high energy to the Because Baseball narrative.

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The Because Baseball campaign proved to be flexible to the team’s storylines, as Truth & Consequences Studios developed a half dozen broadcast spots (including a Spanish version) for the team over the course of the season.

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Post Season Campaign

With the Phillies zeroing in on their first playoff berth in 11 years, we developed a video that spoke about how the season already seemed over more times than people could count–but it was only beginning. Voiceovers by Phillies legends Ryan Howard and Jimmy Rollins.

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As the team kept winning playoff series, a fan saying “We’re talkin’ about the Fightins” became an unlikely rallying cry. For the World Series, we created a meme-filled edit and original song around the sound bite.

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After the team uploaded the audio to TikTok, numerous fans used the song as the background for their own videos, garnering millions of plays on the platform.

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We can’t take credit for the Phillies becoming National League Champions (though some agencies might). We simply know our work was seen and felt by millions of fans and it played a part in creating electricity between the team and city. Our clients were thrilled. The team won. We had a blast. Because baseball.


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Clients:: Phillies Marketing & New Media Team
Video Oversight:: Truth & Consequences Studios
Video Production: : Leveler Media
Music Composer: : Josh Silverbauer