“But I could never give up cheese.”

When Violife came to us, already the largest seller of plant-based cheese in the U.S., they knew appealing to vegans wasn’t their issue. They needed help reaching a wider, more challenging audience. We worked with the Greek-based brand to reintroduce themselves to plant-curious cheese-lovers stateside across all types of mediums.

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First on the menu were six comedy-driven spots brought from concept to execution in partnership with some of the best in the biz, including a lactose-intolerant Sicilian-American comedian whose voice you may recognize.

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Our campaign continued as we launched Violife’s U.S. social presence, celebrating relatable and even nostalgic cheese moments with content that ran the gamut from drool-worthy still photos and animated gifs to full recipe videos. We showed there’s a Violife product worthy of every made-up holiday, every late-night craving, and every pesca-flexi-veggie-vore’s high standards.

From finding our partners to final delivery, T&C Studios kept the productions running smoother than plant-based butter.

We weren’t asking people to go vegan or even to stop eating dairy cheese completely. But if we could let them see just how melty, gooey, creamy, rich, etc. Violife could be in their favorite cheesy indulgences, maybe we could get them to GIVE IT UP FOR PLANT-BASED CHEESE [cue applause]


Video Production: Format
Food Stylist: Lisa Russell
Food Photography: Felicia Perretti
Food Photography: Michael Persico