Country Crock

Have you written for the Kardashians before?

After Country Crock partnered with the Kardashians, they wanted to bring in someone to help them concept a script that would help the Kardashians’ talents shine. Naturally, they came to us. Our concept? Take Khlo, Tutu, and the Mother of all Mothers™ and set up a little competition in the kitchen.

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Alongside Truth & Consequences Studios, we also worked with Country Crock on their plant-based butters and plant cream products. We could explain it, but this case study video does it way more interestingly (and with more Santa).

With the “We Defied Dairy” campaign, we set out to show how Country Crock Plant Butter and Plant Cream can do just about anything the dairy stuff can. Meet Aunt Nancy.

One of the wildest things about advertising is that if you write a script that happens to take place at an outdoor party but it’s February and you live on the East Coast…you get to shoot the spot in Austin. You also can use the term “Dairy Daddy” on set non-ironically.

We also helped Country Crock’s newest product launch make a literal splash in the dairy-alternative aisle. So this spot for their surprisingly versatile Plant Cream has it all—food porn, laptop stunt doubles, and the most adorably unpredictable little actor we’ve had the pleasure of working with.


We went to Austin. We made delicious spots that people actually watched. People bought more plant-based butter and cream.

The End.


Plant Butter/Cream Production: Colony
Plant Butter/Cream Director: Michael Fagan
Kardashians Production: The Kardashians