Queens University

A leading city like Charlotte deserves a leading university.

Queens University Charlotte is the leading private university in Charlotte, NC — but you probably hadn’t heard about them. Chances are you also weren’t aware that Charlotte is not only a top-15 city in terms of population, or that it ranks second only to NYC as a finance hub. The list goes on and on. How Charlotte International is the 7th most frequented airport in the world… how Queens has racked up more national championships than all other universities in Charlotte, combined… and how every Queens student graduates with an internship. (Not a misprint.)

Queens University’s motto of “Not to be served, but to serve,” was the core ethos that led to ROYALS RISE, an inspirational rallying cry that anchors communication and inspired our design system.

Queens possessed powerful stories. What they needed was an unignorable brand to help package them all up and communicate them in a compelling way.


By starting projects that held the most potential to impact enrollment numbers and held the longest production lead times, we were able to efficiently work through several projects with many of them coming online all at once.

To reinforce the connections between Queens and the Queen City, we went with a newsprint-inspired engineering for their viewbook.

The brand is extending to coffee cups, tote bags, and even a beer collab with Town Brewing Co., Royals Rise Golden Ale.

Our initial digital presence for the brand was an informative destination where prospective students and their families could go to learn more about Queens—allowing our initial wave of materials to all be cohesive across mediums.

Enrollment is up 36% over last year.


Queens is welcoming its largest incoming class ever in its 166-year history. With enrollment up 36% over last year, Queens is already making great progress. Now, with a fully integrated brand showing up all around campus, on the recruitment trail, in mailboxes, inboxes, and online—we look forward to seeing the numbers for next year rise even further.