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President Loh loves selfies, even at the gym.

For 85 years, the M Book was a go-to source for first-year students. It covered everything from how to register for classes to student conduct. By 2001, the piece had run its course with much of its contents moving online. It was reintroduced recently as a way to connect new students to the university with content including traditions, notable Terps, and real-life advice from recent grads, like where to get a selfie with the president.

Just because you’re big doesn’t mean you can’t be personable.

The M Book was a great way to demonstrate that UMD is a welcoming community to first-year students, and we extended that strategy to admitted students too. The #NowATerp campaign did that with tailored communications and culminated with Testudo and the Mighty Sound of Maryland arriving at the doorstep of unsuspecting seniors to hand them their letter of admission.

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It took months of coordination to create a memorable Sunday for these future Terps and their families.

UMD's admissions team on their way to surprise an unsuspecting admitted student.

That moment when you officially become a Terp.


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As of 2019, UMD’s incoming class of 2023 had the highest GPA (4.3) and was the most diverse in the history of the school.


Team: UMD Office of Strategic Communications, UMD Office of Undergraduate Admissions & the UMD Alumni Association